Carlow, Ireland, 20 February 2012 – We are proud to announce the launch of BioLogic, a Carlow-based company specialising in environmental, energy, health & safety, and sustainability consultancy and training. BioLogic places a heavy emphasis on living up to its standards by taking steps to minimise its environmental impacts, measuring its unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions and offsetting these to ensure that it is Ireland’s first carbon balanced consultancy company.

BioLogic offers a comprehensive range of professional services in auditing, management system development, regulatory compliance and training to all sectors for their environmental, health & safety, energy, carbon management, ecological, social responsibility and sustainability requirements. We also advise on the design of passive buildings and solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

“Our engagement and focus is to provide comprehensive and practical consultancy and training services to our clients that are both in the public or private sectors” said Dr. Douglas McMillan, Director. “We aim at creating the right environment for business by assisting their sustainability requirements, be they legal EHS concerns, tailor-made training programs or multi-disciplinary projects. BioLogic will give clients the quality, cost-effective and customised product that they are looking for on schedule and with complete handover”.

BioLogic has applied national and international experience in ecology, education, environmental science, integrated management systems, health and safety, social responsibility and sustainability and a fundamental commitment to the quality of its work, so guaranteeing the successful promotion of quality, safety, sustainability and profitability in all aspects of your business. It is our constant goal to integrate safe and environmentally responsible consulting into the framework of each client’s project to maximize value and reduce their environmental footprint and costs.

About BioLogic

We provide expert, up-to-the-minute and customized consultancy and training services that are both comprehensive and practical to all sectors. Our technical and business know-how are dedicated to delivering strategic technical solutions which bring commercial benefits to our customers. Unless otherwise required, it is always our central proposition to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to manage the solutions we provide on an ongoing basis. For more information about BioLogic, please visit: