Our quality and sustainability policy

Creating the right environment for your business


BioLogiQ provides technical consultancy and training services in the fields of energy, environment, health & safety, laboratory, quality, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We work as a team to provide quality services that exceed customer expectations by working closely with our clients to help them understand their key issues and risks, and to identify and develop their business requirements to deliver the improvements that they need.

We ensure continuous improvement of our services by setting and achieving quality and sustainability objectives and targets, corrective actions and management review. To further improve the quality of our training courses we obtain certification by relevant bodies where appropriate.

BioLogiQ has a relatively small ecological footprint mainly associated with the running of an office and travel requirements. We take measures to prevent pollution and continuously improve our management system to go beyond the minimum Irish and EU regulatory requirements and achieve best practice in our field.

We believe that the issues of social and economic sustainability, resource wastage and environmental disruption and pollution can only be addressed by use of a sustainable approach to business. This involves setting a positive example by identifying our own environmental aspects and taking responsibility to prevent or reduce the associated impacts, and, where this is not possible, by offsetting the remaining impacts to achieve “carbon-balanced” status. To this end:

  • We improve the energy efficiency of our equipment and facilities to minimise our energy consumption,
  • We use sustainable products with low environmental impacts and minimise, reuse and recycle our wastes,
  • We employ public transport where possible and offset greenhouse gas emissions arising from our unavoidable energy needs.

Through our work we promote the development of sustainable businesses and communities by raising awareness of sustainability issues and by promoting sustainable measures including effective quality control and management of energy, raw materials, emissions and waste, conservation of natural resources and habitats, and safe practices among the wider community and organisations that we work with.

Douglas McMillan

Dr. Douglas McMillan

Director, BioLogiQ Solutions