IEMA-certified Training Courses: All Jobs Done In a Greener Way…

Greening the workforce: the answer to your organisation’s skills challenge. 

Ensuring that the workforce is equipped to deliver a sustainable future presents a skills challenge for businesses everywhere. Only those organisations whose entire workforce is environmentally literate will be most effective at cutting their costs, minimising their resource use, maximising profitability and reducing environmental risk.

To meet the critical necessity for tailored, high-quality environmental training for all workers in any role, the Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) has set the environmental standard for non-environmental professionals by collaborating with “educational super brand” City and Guilds to develop a new suite of courses, namely:

Suited for any part of the workforce, these IEMA-certifed Greener Jobs qualifications offer a cohesive training package which enables organisations to equip their employees with the environmental knowledge and competencies needed to achieve their environmental goals.

Reasons to choose IEMA courses

Industry recognition: At the interface between the environment and business, IEMA has worked with City & Guilds to develop the learning outcomes and assessment criteria to ensure they meet the needs of business and organisations. The strength of the partnership with City & Guilds and IEMA means that the qualifications are trusted and valued by employers.

Designed by IEMA, the largest environmental professional membership body, which has more than 15,000 members, the course addresses the requirement for a more sustainable economy and the need for the development of appropriate skills and knowledge at all levels.

These qualifications and associated training packages have been developed and tested in collaboration with industry, including organisations in the construction, retail, aerospace, logistics, communications & energy sectors.

Experience and expertise: IEMA is the leading professional body and principal environmental organisation for anyone working with an environmental responsibility.

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