Environmental auditing

Background of environmental auditing

Businesses and industry are increasingly required to demonstrate their ability to successfully manage their environmental impacts. An environmental audit is an indispensable management tool which can determine the standard of an organisation’s environmental performance and identify areas for improvement to achieve best practice and cost savings.

One of the most effective means of addressing potential risks of environmental accidents or non-compliance with legislation and associated litigation can be by implementing an ISO 14001-based Environmental Management System (EMS).


Benefits of implementing an environmental management system

An effectively implemented environmental management system will ensure the following business advantages:

  • Improved efficiencies and productivity,
  • Meeting of environmental policy and legal requirements,
  • Determination of the environmental impacts of your organisation’s operations,
  • Reduced energy and waste, risks to the environment and prevent pollution,
  • Improved environmental performance and cost savings,
  • Improved ability to manage environmental risks,
  • Improved understanding of the environmental interactions of your activities, products, services and strategic business opportunities,
  • Demonstration of your commitment to environmental and sustainability issues to improve your image and meet customer requirements,
  • Provision of environmental performance or sustainability reports for interested parties.


Guidance for implementing an environmental management system

Our experienced environmental auditors can help you improve your environmental management system by:

  • Assessing your existing environmental management system and identifying gaps or opportunities for improvement,
  • Evaluating your policies, procedures, reports, manuals etc. for possible improvements and streamlining,
  • Interviewing relevant management and staff and observing environmental activities on the ground to determine gaps in competency and to determine means of improving practices,
  • Providing a comprehensive audit report outlining your strengths and areas for improvement along with detailed recommendations.


Environmental auditing

Environmental management system audits are intended to review a company’s progression towards achieving certification to the ISO 14001 standard and, where the organization is already certified, to identify means of improving performance.

Operating an effective environmental management system relies upon effective system audits by competent EMS auditors.  Our auditors draw on their extensive expertise to provide an independent and expert look at your EMS to identify opportunities for improvement to improve your environmental performance.

Compliance audits can also be undertaken to review the site’s compliance with corporate, legal and other requirements.


Environmental training courses

BioLogiQ has developed and runs a range of public and in-house environment courses, including: 

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  • Understand the requirements of ISO 14001
  • Learn how to develop your own environmental management system

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  • Get equipped to develop your environmental management system
  • Deliver ISO 14001 certification

 View details of Auditing ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

  • Take the next step in implementing your environmental management system
  • Create confidence in your management system
  • Become a qualified internal auditor


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