Consultancy services

BioLogiQ’s bespoke management system consultancy services are designed to assist you in meeting your obligations in the fields of environment, health and safety, laboratory, quality and energy management, social responsibility and sustainability. 

We are dedicated to helping you perfect your business. We know what excellence looks like and the areas you need to focus on to achieve it and can turn our real-world experience and knowledge into results that deliver business improvement and help drive sustainable growth. 

Your success is as important to our consultants as it is to you. They work with dedication and commitment in collaboration with your people to resolve your business challenges and deliver a real return on your investment.


Where have we worked?

We have worked with organisations of every size, from small SMEs to multinationals, both nationally and internationally. Aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, engineering, food and drink, forestry, ICT and telecoms, insurance services, medical devices, manufacturing, mining, retail, transport and logistics and various quality, research and test labs are the private sectors we have worked with. In the public sector, we have worked with government bodies, local authorities, second and third-level educational institutions.


How do  we  work?

Our consultancy services are designed to collaborate with you to identify your business needs, assist in implementation or improve the processes in your organisation. Typically the first step in any work is to carry out an audit or investigatory session to identify where you are at now. Based on this an action programme for implementation of your objectives can be developed – be it a new management system, integration of another management system element, ensuring regulatory compliance or identifying opportunities for improvement.

Scoping and analysis

We will work closely with you to define your goals and objectives and identify any barriers as well as opportunities. We have unparalleled knowledge of standards-based management systems and combine this with training expertise and business improvement applications, to create the right solution for your organisation. Our expert consultants work in collaboration with the relevant people in your organization, to outline roles and responsibilities for delivering objectives, and to define how success will be measured. Together you identify the resources needed to review your existing knowledge, processes, systems and tools, in line with your goals. Our consultants set clear achievable targets and develop a specific project programme by helping you to identify relevant people and utilise their input to ensure that key skills are transferred to your organisation. We also support you in communicating your intentions to internal and external stakeholders to make sure that you have everyone you need on board to ensure the success of your improvements and for continuing growth and development.


We employ a versatile and action-focused approach to resolve your opportunities and always aim to deliver a real return on investment with minimum disruption to the day-to-day running of your organisation. Therefore, we believe that implementation of changes should be phased and flexible. Your decision-makers will choose the particular aspects of the programme they wish to fulfil but we are available to provide advice on or deliver the actions you believe would most benefit from our expertise.

Continuous improvement

Our consultants work closely with your team to help you embed the skills and processes required for your business and set you on the road to continuous improvement. Your consultant provides you with a comprehensive review of the project that has been implemented, and the resulting benefits to your organisation to demonstrate the return on your investment so far. We then help you establish a process for continuous improvement to generate sustainable business growth.

Decide what's best for you

We provide a flexible and transparent approach and costing with an overall aim to deliver change that provides a tangible return on investment whilst generating the minimum of disruption. Depending on your needs you can take your pick from any of the services listed below or if you prefer to go down a more independent road we can provide a consultant and tailored training to provide advisory support and coaching and mentoring for key personnel in your organisation.

Management systems & standards

BioLogiQ will help you with your environmental, health and safety, laboratory, quality, carbon, corporate social responsibility or other management systems, be they single issue or integrated systems. Whether you are looking to develop a new system from scratch, want a fresh perspective on an existing system, need a full-scale overhaul to revitalize an existing system or wish to integrate additional elements of quality, safety, sustainability or other standards to your current setup, we can meet your needs. If you run a lab we can also help you upgrade from 9001 certification to lab-specific ISO 17025 accreditation to demonstrate your testing or calibration competency to your customers.


Energy  Management Systems

Energy Efficiency BioLogiQ provides energy audits and a broad range of Energy Management System (EnMS) and ISO 50001 services to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, productivity and reputation.

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Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management SystemWe provide a full range of Environmental Management System (EMS) and ISO 14001 services to minimize risk and liability, reduce cost and improve efficiency, productivity, profitability and reputation.

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Health & Safety Management System

Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001BioLogiQ provides a complete set of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and OHSAS 18001 services to minimize risk and liability, reduce cost and improve efficiency and productivity.

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Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems We can help you to partially or fully integrate your management systems in line with your own specific requirements while drawing on best practice and relevant standards such as PAS 99 to inform this process.

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Laboratory Management System

Laboratory Management System

BioLogiQ will work with you to upgrade an existing quality management system or develop and implement ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System (LMS) from scratch to achieve accreditation of your laboratory’s quality, administrative and technical operations.


Quality  Management System

ISO 9001BioLogiQ will work with you to audit your processes, develop and implement a ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) to achieve certification of your company’s products and services.



Sector-specific: Tourism

Green HospitalityWe can provide assistance and advice with the implementation of sector-specific standards, namely, the “Green Hospitality Award” for the catering industry and ecolabelling for the tourist industry. 

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ISO 14001 for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from certified management systems just as larger companies do. We  have lots of experience working with SMEs and can help you scope, develop and implement any of the above management systems. We use a collaborative approach so that you have full understanding of your management system responsibilities and can take full ownership of the process each step of the way. 

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Drawing on our comprehensive expertise in all matters related to carbon, energy, EH&S, laboratory and quality management systems including regulations, standards and technologies, we can provide value-added audits for single-subject or integrated management systems:

  • For conformance (to existing legal, management system or standard requirements),
  • For effectiveness of implementation, or
  • To identify opportunities for improvement to reinvigorate your existing systems.
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Regulatory compliance

BioLogiQ’s broad understanding of regulations coupled with our extensive experience in the fields of energy, EHS and sustainability enables us to effectively identify any areas of noncompliance and assist you with process and procedural improvements to achieve full regulatory compliance.

BioLogiQ can also assist you with reporting to the regulatory authorities and management of compliance programs on an “as-need” basis. We can guide you through the environmental permitting process to prepare licence applications, track regulatory agency processing and support you with monitoring for permit compliance.

Lastly, if you are in the process of developing or reviewing an energy, environmental or health and safety management system we can produce Registers of Legislation or Compliance Evaluation reports to address these system requirements.

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At its most simple, sustainability is the capacity to endure. For businesses and organisations, sustainability equates to long-term maintenance of economic well-being and success, which requires consideration of environmental, economic, and social dimensions. BioLogiQ can help you to take advantage of this important strategy for capturing new business by providing innovative services that address all aspects of sustainability including energy efficient building design, carbon management, corporate social responsibility, various ecological services and energy efficiency surveys.

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