Carbon management

Carbon management.

Carbon inventories

Climate change has been identified as one of the greatest challenges facing nations, governments, business and citizens over future decades. Climate change has implications for both human and natural systems and is leading to significant changes in resource use, production and economic activity. In response, international, regional, national and local initiatives are being developed and implemented to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere. Such GHG initiatives rely on the quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification of GHG emissions and/or removals.

ISO 14064-1:2006 “Greenhouse gases – Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals” details principles and requirements for designing, developing, managing and reporting organisation- or company-level GHG inventories. It includes requirements for determining GHG emission boundaries, quantifying an organisation’s GHG emissions and removals, and identifying specific company actions or activities aimed at improving GHG management. It also includes requirements and guidance on inventory quality management, reporting, internal auditing and the organisation’s responsibilities for verification activities.

Using the ISO 14064-1 standard, BioLogic will work with you to measure your carbon footprint and manage and mitigate your GHG emissions and obligations responsibly. We will provide you with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to measure and manage your carbon emissions on an ongoing basis, allowing you to report against regulatory and voluntary schemes, meet customer requirements and communicate your achievements externally.


Adaptation Strategies

Even if humanity were to stop all greenhouse gas emissions today the time lag between the time gases are released and their measurable impact on the climate means that our planet will still continue to warm by at least 1.5°C, the so-called unavoidable climate change which will demand adaptation by some organisations. We can produce a climate change adaptation report detailing your organization’s potential exposure to climate change and actions for adaptation that may be required.

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