Cleaner production

Cleaner production.

Cleaner production is a broad term that encapsulates a number of environmentally-friendly concepts including eco-efficiency, life-cycle thinking, resource efficiency, dematerialisation, decarbonisation, the ‘Plan-Do- Check-Act’ (PDCA) cycle, benchmarking, cleaner production, safer production and integrated management systems. The overall objective is to develop and implement cleaner, safer and resource efficient production that will result in reduced manufacturing costs, lower pollution and improved health and safety performance. Typical thematic areas to focus on are water, energy, materials, waste, chemicals. Resource efficiency involves:

  • Careful selection of raw materials and energy resources,
  • Minimization of waste, emissions, hazards and risks,
  • Responsible management of material and energy flows during the production process,
  • Attention to the use, recycling and disposal phases of the product life cycle.


For production processes, cleaner production is the result of one or a combination of elements including the conservation of raw materials, water and energy, elimination of toxic and dangerous raw materials, and reduction of all emissions and wastes at the source. Five common generic techniques for implementing cleaner production include:

  • Improved housekeeping practices,
  • Process optimisation,
  • Raw material substitution,
  • New technology,
  • New product design.


BioLogiQ can work with you and provide any level of advice or assistance for initiating the cleaner production process, from the development of specific system elements, individual requirements or training programs to a full systems development and implementation.

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