Social Responsibility (SR)

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSRCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Responsibility applies to more than just private companies. Better known by the term Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, this has been broadened to include governmental agencies and other organisations that have a clear interest in showing how they work.

An organisation’s performance in relation to the society in which it operates and to its impact on the environment has become a critical part of measuring its overall performance and its ability to continue operating effectively. Pressure to do so comes from customers, consumers, governments, associations and the public at large. At the same time, far-sighted organisational leaders recognise that lasting success must be built on credible business practices and the prevention of activities such as fraudulent accounting and labour exploitation.


Certification to ISO 26000

ISO 26000 standard adds value to existing initiatives for social responsibility by providing harmonized, globally relevant guidance based on international consensus providing voluntary guidance on Social Responsibility (SR) for organizations of all types in both public and private sectors. The perception and reality of an organisation’s performance on social responsibility can influence, among other things:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Reputation
  • Ability to attract and retain workers or members, customers, clients or users
  • Maintenance of employees’ morale, commitment and productivity
  • View of investors, owners, donors, sponsors and the financial community
  • Relationship with companies, governments, the media, suppliers, peers, customers and the community in which it operates.


CSR can be an effective way of demonstrating an organisation’s proactive commitment to the public interest by, for example, encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere. ISO’s International Standard ISO 26000 or simply ISO SR, provides guidelines for Social Responsibility (SR), socially responsible behaviour and possible actions to achieve this.

We can provide advice and guidance on the process of developing an ISO 26000-based SR policy and implementing a CSR strategy for your organisation.

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