Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency .

Energy efficiency surveys

We can carry out energy surveys of your site to assess the potential for energy savings, energy efficiency and produce a practical action plan tailored to your organisation’s needs. We will work with you to review your energy usage, energy efficiency, identify energy-saving opportunities, define practical ‘next steps’ and assist with practical implementation support.


Energy standards

The standard BS EN 16247 “Energy audits. General requirements” defines the attributes of a good quality energy audit for commercial, industrial, residential and public-sector organisations by stating the requirements for energy audits and corresponding obligations within the energy auditing process. It recognises that there are differences in approach to energy auditing in terms of scope, aims and thoroughness, but seeks to harmonise common aspects of energy auditing in order to bring more clarity and transparency to the market for energy auditing services.

Our energy auditors are registered with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and auditing to the BS EN 16247 standard they will work with you to identify and evaluate energy consumption patterns and uses, identify inefficiencies or poor practice and then recommend appropriate energy efficiency and cost saving methods. Cost savings are based on life cycle analysis by using Net Present Value (NPV) instead of the simple payback method to give you a better appreciation of the savings to be made.

Cost savings of approximately 10% can typically be made by implementing zero cost actions which typically include procedural changes and staff training. A further 10% savings are often realised through low cost measures such as improved heating and lighting controls where paybacks of less than one year are typical.


Carbon management

We can also help you measure your organisation’s carbon footprint, report the findings and assist in action planning to achieve emission reductions. For more information see our carbon management page.

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Energy training courses

BioLogic has developed and runs a range of public and in-house energy courses, including:  

 View details of Overview of ISO 50001 Energy management systems

  • Overview of benefits, concepts and requirements of an ISO 50001-based management system
  • Learn how to develop policies, procedures, energy baselines and performance indicators to improve efficiency and reduce costs

 View details of Auditing of ISO 50001 Energy management systems

  • Learn how to review and improve your energy management system
  • Learn the principles and practice of internal auditing

 View details of Implementing ISO 50001 Energy management systems

  • Know how to develop and implement an ISO 50001-compliant Energy Management System (EnMS),
  • Understand the benefits of ISO 50001 to you and your stakeholders,
  • Understand  all elements of the ISO 50001 standard

 View details of Energy awareness

  • Understand energy, its forms and benefits of reducing  energy consumption,
  • Review energy usage for your organisation

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