Best practice in risk assessment training course

Course venues and dates

1 day course

Dublin: 13 November 2018


Course objectives

On completing this course the participant will be able to do the following in their workplace:

  • Understand legal obligations in relation to risk assessments,
  • Identify physical, health, chemical, biological agent and human-factor hazards,
  • Understand hazardous chemical dangers, correct labelling & Safety Data Sheets (SDS),
  • Gather and evaluate information about hazards (including hazardous chemicals),
  • Perform general and chemical risk assessments in a competent manner,
  • Determine and prioritise best practice control measures to reduce risk levels,
  • Source additional information about hazards and their safe management.


Course programme

  • General (background) and health and safety legislation particularly related to risk assessment,
  • Identification and classification of hazards,
  • General risk assessment and chemical risk assessment,
  • Sourcing of information (use of labels, websites and other data sources),
  • Principles of risk control,
  • Pro-active risk assessment, review, management of change and updating of management measures,
  • Identification of information, instruction and awareness needs for employees,

Case studies, discussions and interactive, practical training exercises including site-specific risk assessments will be used to reinforce delegates’ learning.


Who should attend

This course is suitable for anyone involved performing risk assessments or health and safety checks including line managers, supervisors, safety officers, safety reps and general staff.

Course brochure: Best practice in risk assessment


Course contact details

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