VDU risk assessment and good ergonomics training course

Course venues and dates

0.5 day course



Course objectives

The principal objective of the course is to ensure delegates are equipped to carry out comprehensive VDU risk assessments. To ensure this, the course will impart an understanding of:

  • All legal requirements in relation to working with VDUs,
  • The hazards and risks specific to VDUs and the office environment,
  • Postural implications of workstation use,
  • VDU risk assessment.


Course programme

The course covers the following elements:

  • Legislative requirements,
  • Risks of VDU use,
  • Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs),
  • Effects on the eyes,
  • Fatigue and stress,
  • Ergonomic principles in the workplace,
  • Seven-step process to VDU risk assessment,
  • Flexibility and stretching exercises.

Practical risk assessments are completed as part of the training until all delegates are fully familiar with the seven-step risk assessment process. 


Who should attend

Managers, supervisors and office personnel responsible for VDU users and workstations and those who wish to carry out a VDU Risk assessment. 


Course contact details

For more information call us now on 087 9678 372  or email us


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