BioLogiQ for You

BioLogiQ provides a number of services for individuals including BER and energy surveys, home improvement reports, appropriate assessments, screenings for appropriate assessments, ecological surveys, habitat creation and management plans. Thanks to our award-winning A1 Ratings solutions, we also provide design and reporting services in passive building and solar energy systems for improved energy efficiency or carbon neutrality.


A1 Ratings solutions

THE GREEN APPLE AWARD WINNER LOGO 2013bigWith our our award-winning A1Ratings solutions, we can provide you with a blueprint for a carbon-neutral or even carbon-positive house which will insulate you from ever-increasing energy costs, while at the same time maximising your home’s comfort levels.




BER & energy services

Sustainable homesBioLogiQ can carry out your BER rating survey and provide you with a building improvement report outlining your different options for improving the energy performance of your home.




Ecological services

Ecology, flora and faunaOur societies explicitly rely on the services provided by ecosystems and the biodiversity of which they are composed. However, today there are growing threats to an increasing percentage of species on our planet, ones which is not just confined to larger and more spectacular species in distant continents, but which menace even small and formerly abundant species of plants and smaller animals with extinction.

Small areas of land such as gardens can play a critical role by acting as a reservoir for rare species of plants and animals and in this we can all play a part. We can carry out ecological surveys of gardens, community areas or waterways to determine what biodiversity is present and make recommendations for restoring or improving these areas to make them a haven for wildlife and a delight for the senses.

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