Health and Safety auditing – Legal requirements

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (the 2005 Act) requires employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare of his employees and to manage and conduct their work activities in such a way as to ensure their safety, health and welfare.

A health and safety management system (ISO 45001) is an excellent means of assisting an employer to manage these legal obligations while also taking advantage of the many benefits that an effective health and safety culture provides. Some managers falsely perceive health and safety as a drain on company resources and a prime target for cost savings. In fact, study after study shows that a safer workforce is a more productive workforce as people give back by investing more effort into a company that they feel is concerned about their health and well-being.

Audit Services Timeline

An effective, well-implemented ISO 45001 health and safety management system generates the following business advantages:

  • Initiates the development of a positive safety culture,
  • Reduces the number and risk of accidents and injuries at work as well as the risk of associated prosecutions,
  • Controls risk of personal injury claims,
  • Improves customer service,
  • Improves the organisation’s image,
  • Attracts new clients,
  • Increases productivity, quality and credibility amongst peers and competitors.

Lastly, alongside certifications for environmental (ISO 14001) and quality management (ISO 9001), a certified health and safety management system (ISO 45001) is becoming a ‘must-have’ in the tendering process for contracts in the public sector and for bigger companies.

Our professional auditors can assist you to improving the effectiveness of your ISO 45001 health and safety management system by:

  • Providing a gap analysis of your current management system and recommendations for areas in need of improvement,
  • Reviewing and revising all relevant health and safety manuals, risk assessment reports, procedures, statements and policies based on relevant legislation,
  • Developing and providing customized training courses,
  • Supporting you in meeting your internal health and safety audit requirements,
  • Carrying out pre-assessment audits in preparation for ISO 45001 certification audits by the assessment body.

BioLogiQ has developed and runs a range of virtual, public and in-house health and safety courses, including:

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  • Understand the requirements of ISO 45001
  • Learn how to develop your own health and safety management system

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  • Get equipped to develop your health and safety management system and a positive safety culture
  • Prepare and deliver ISO 45001 certification

View details of Auditing ISO 45001 management systems

  • Take the next step in implementing your ISO 45001 management system
  • Create confidence in your management system and build your safety culture
  • Become a qualified internal auditor
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