How do you know if you’re continuing to meet environmental regulatory compliance that your ISO standards demand – or, if you’ve never looked at regulations how near you are to being compliant? BioLogiQ’s broad understanding of regulations coupled with our extensive experience in the fields of energy, environmental, health and safety, and sustainability enables us to effectively identify any areas of legal noncompliance and assist you with process and procedural improvements to achieve full regulatory compliance.

If you are in the process of developing or reviewing an energy, environmental or health and safety management system we can produce Registers of Legislation or Compliance Evaluation reports to address these ISO management systems requirements. Once we’ve set you up with initial legal compliance we will then give you the tools you need to maintain compliance and improve performance across your organisation.

We can guide you through the environmental permitting process to prepare licence applications, track regulatory agency processing and support you with monitoring for permit compliance. BioLogiQ can also assist you with reporting to the regulatory authorities and management of compliance programs on an “as-need” basis.

We can provide once-off reports associated with environmental licences including Environmental Liability Risk Assessments and Residual Management Plans. We also provide ecological reports including biological water quality assessments, appropriate assessments and habitat surveys.

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