Environmental issues apply to organisations in all business sectors which must identify and ensure compliance with relevant legislation and similarly, many public sector organisations now have legal requirements to demonstrate good environmental performance. Many organisations address their environmental issues by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) which meets the requirements of ISO 14001. This enables them to control and improve performance in relation to their environmental risks and so save costs, reduce or eliminate risks to reputation and independently demonstrate a higher standard of environmental performance. Indeed, many major companies and many public tenders now require all contractors and suppliers to obtain ISO 14001 certification. This course focuses on building effective auditing skills to identify real, ‘value added’ system improvements which are a key part of a well-implemented EMS. This course first develops an understanding of the purpose and structure of ISO 14001 and then nurtures the skills necessary to be an effective internal EMS auditor.

The course is designed to meet IEMA criteria for this course. On completing this course the participant will:

  • Understand the purpose, structure and different elements of the ISO 14001 Occupational Health and Safety standard,
  • Have a knowledge of how to implement an ISO 14001-based system,
  • Understand the importance of internal auditing for improvement of EMS,
  • Have a knowledge of managing audit programmes,
  • Understand the competencies and responsibilities of internal auditors,
  • Be able to plan and develop an internal audit based on appropriate audit criteria,
  • Be able to conduct an effective internal audit by proper gathering of evidence and interview,
  • Collect and objectively analyse the evidence and produce an internal audit report.
  • Introduction to Environmental Management Systems,
  • The purpose, structure and elements of ISO 14001,
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 and use of ISO 14004,
  • Introduction to 19011 auditing standard,
  • Establishing & managing an audit programme.
  • Pre-audit activities : Objectives, scope, planning and preparation of work documents,
  • Conducting audits – communications, managing audit teams, document review, physical observation, questioning skills & good interview technique,
  • Analysis of evidence, findings, conclusions and preparation of audit report,
  • Completion of audits and audit follow-up,
  • Competencies, responsibilities & CPD of auditors,

Case studies and interactive individual and group training exercises are used throughout the course to reinforce delegates’ learning.

Personnel who are to be Internal Auditors or who are responsible for managing audit programs and developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The course will also be of interest to Departmental Managers and line management, EMS Managers, or anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of EMS requirements.

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