This one day course will equip delegates with a knowledge of the structure of environmental law, current and future environmental legislative requirements, and the basic steps that they must take to ensure legal compliance. No organisation can afford to break the law but many are unaware of the full extent of their legal obligations in a situation where lack of knowledge is no defence. Environmental legislation is becoming increasingly complex and onerous making the traditional ad-hoc way of addressing environmental issues unsatisfactory. Furthermore, good environmental management is now a standard factor in the overall business strategy of companies and a sound understanding of current minimum legal expectations is fundamental to achieving this and the business advantages that a proactive approach to environmental issues provides.

On completion of this course the participant will:

  • Understand the structure of environmental law and its underlying principles,
  • Have a knowledge of EU and Irish environmental legislation,
  • Understand the significance of environmental legislation in relation to the planning and implementation of ISO 14001,
  • Be aware of basic steps to take to ensure legal compliance,
  • Know where to find further information on environmental legislation,
  • Be aware of future trends in environmental legislation.
  • Introduction to environmental issues, structure and principles of environmental legislation,
  • Interaction of international, European and Irish environmental law,
  • EU and Irish environmental legislation in the areas of:
    • Land use and planning,
    • Air emissions,
    • Energy,
    • Water pollution,
    • Chemical handling and storage,
    • Waste management,
    • Contaminated land,
    • Environmental governance,
    • Product stewardship,
    • Statutory nuisance,
    • Habitats, flora and fauna.
  • Trends and future EU environmental legislation.

Legal case studies and interactive individual and group training exercises are used throughout the course to reinforce delegates’ learning. This includes identification of legal requirements specific to each attendee’s organisation.

Personnel with responsibilities for ensuring legal compliance for their organisation or with key environmental management responsibilities – especially in relation to ISO 14001 certification and maintenance.

The course will also be of interest to environmental auditors, individuals looking to improve their knowledge of good environmental management practice and managers or directors with responsibility for environmental licences or permits or any environmental aspects such as control of air or water emissions, emergency response, waste or energy management etc.

I did enjoy the course. It summarised everything very well and I can build upon its contents going forward.

Timothy Hurley – EHS Specialist – MSD Ireland (Ballydine)

Thank you very much for delivering the 2 training sessions this week and for specifically tailoring them to our business. The training was very practical and beneficial and my plan is to now implement the recommendations.

Theresa Lenihan – Quality Manager, Hanley Energy

When you attend any of our Environmental courses, we offset the carbon emissions from all our courses including your travel and other activities using the Carbon Balanced Programme of the World Land Trust (WLT).

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