Ever-expanding waste legislation, consumer pressure and growing business awareness of the benefits of sustainability have all increased the need for organisations to improve their environmental performance. Many companies are unaware of the true cost of waste to their business. Implementing a structured waste minimisation programme saves on costs, in terms of wasted raw materials, energy, effort, waste disposal and handling and potential fines, as poor management can land an organisation on the wrong side of the law. It also improves the quality of the environment and an organisation’s business and public profile and heightens competitiveness.

This intensive one-day introductory course is designed for any organisation that wants to take another look at their waste by developing a sound understanding of the requirements to meet legal standards and the associated practical implications of setting up an effective waste management program to set them on the road to zero waste.

On completing this course the participant will:

  • Understand the need for and benefits of modern waste management,
  • Understand legal requirements,
  • Understand best waste practice,
  • Be competent in planning and implementing a waste minimisation programme.
  • Waste management in Ireland,
  • Environmental and safety aspects of waste,
  • Waste definitions and types,
  • Waste legislation and enforcement,
  • Best practice in waste handling and storage,
  • Waste hierarchy and reduction, reuse and recycling,
  • Waste minimisation and benefits of,
  • Eight-step approach to waste reduction,
  • Practical waste management including development of procedures, record-keeping, monitoring and auditing,
  • Case studies and references.

Personnel who want to ensure waste is dealt with in a legally responsible manner, who want to gain an understanding of waste and its proper management and would like to achieve long-term savings.

The course will also be of interest for those who wish to establish a waste minimisation programme as part of continuous improvement of an organisation’s environmental performance.

Douglas has demonstrated incredible knowledge in the area of Waste Management. He has simplified the process, provided substantial knowledge for managing the category and delivered adequate training to ensure the targets are achievable within the group.

Denise Slevin – Systems, Services & Indirect Group Procurement Manager – Dawn Meats Group

When you attend any of our Environmental courses, we offset the carbon emissions from all our courses including your travel and other activities using the Carbon Balanced Programme of the World Land Trust (WLT).

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